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Examples of “Above and Beyond”

The standard responsibilities of a Catholics Come Home® partner diocese are:

  • Preparing parishes to be warm and welcoming
  • Showing the commercials at the parish (either associated with fundraising or stand-alone to introduce parishioners to the initiative)
  • Fundraising
  • Pre & Post initiative Mass Census Counts
  • Public relations campaign in collaboration with CCH

Some of our partner dioceses have definitely gone “above and beyond” with creative ideas and materials. We are sharing many examples below. None of these are required, but all well-done and inspiring!


  • Billboards

  • Yard Signs

  • Banner Artwork

Print at your local print shop!


Parish Door-to-Door Evangelization Day

Sample agenda for a parish outreach event.

Annulment Fair

Following the airing of the CatholicsComeHome.org commercials, the Diocese of Corpus Christi coordinated a special “annulment fair” to assist individuals in Spanish and English who need guidance on how to begin the annulment process.

Extended Confession Hours

“The Light is on for You” program, offering extended schedule of the Sacrament of Reconciliation on a particular day(s).

Various Dioceses, including the Archdiocese of Boston


Newspaper Ads

Diocesan Newspaper “Homecoming” Testimonial Ads

Brochure Samples

Video & New Media

Encourage your parishioners to join the CCH online communities!

Flip-cam video message to parish secretaries/administrators explaining their role as “ministers/coordinators of first impressions” so they can watch the message instead of just reading an e-mail with the same content:

Diocese of Sacramento
(The password is catholicscomehome)

Catholic FAQ  YouTube Videos

Parish Welcoming/Evangelization webinar:

Archdiocese of Seattle, Dr. Tom Curran

Specialty Items

Usher buttons/pins, with the CatholicsComeHome.org logo.

The Amazing Parish

Learn more about the Amazing Parish.

Encontre uma Paróquia para chamar de Casa

Precisa de alguma orientação para encontrar uma paróquia perto de você? MassTimes.org tem um recurso de filtro de visinhança para isso.

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