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In addition to welcoming inactive Catholics home to the faith, another key benefit of a Catholics Come Home® diocesan partner initiative is creating POSITIVE PR for the Catholic Church!

Generating Positive Press

The key to generating positive press, is leading with the message that your diocese is partnering with a “lay-Catholic apostolate to bring this evangelization initiative to TV screens. CatholicsComeHome.org is a group of individuals who have experienced a renewed fervor for their faith, and want to spread the word to others.”

The diocese partners to prepare their parishes to be warm and welcoming, and the Bishop provides his blessing – all financial support to air comes from individual donors who are enthusiastic to spread this message to friends and family away from the faith.

At right, you will find resources to assist your diocese in speaking to the media within your diocese and mainstream media. Following these guidelines and using this specific phrasing/messaging, will secure positive press.


You may likely have additional questions after reviewing these materials and attachments. Feel free to us by email or by calling 678-585-7886.

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