“Welcoming” Best Practices for Parishes, and Post-initiative Mass Census Count (members)

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“Welcoming” Best Practices for Parishes,
and Post-initiative Mass Census Count

This section is designed to help you prepare the parishes of your diocese to be warm and welcoming. Also, the post-initiative Mass count census component allows you to measure your results and report the results back to those supporting this CCH diocesan partner evangelization initiative.

Becoming Warm & Welcoming

It is of key importance that if someone away from the faith chooses to return to the Church, that each individual feels welcome when they walk through the doors of their local parish.

Past CCH diocesan partners have reported that the average person does not typically leave the Church because of a disagreement with doctrinal or dogmatic issues, but simply gets caught-up in the world and one weekend of sleeping-in, leads to another, and eventually a person gets out of the practice of going to church on Sunday.


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