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CCH in the News:

California newspaper, Colfax Record, reports of Nigerian-born priest rejoicing in his USA citizenship and relating it to the Diocese of Sacramento’s recent TV campaign.

“…Fr. Ambrose can relate to the Catholic Church’s recent ‘Catholics Come Home’ campaign.

The nationwide effort began as a grass roots movement to encourage those who have left the Catholic Church for one reason or another to return to their faith.

‘People have changed over the last 20 or 30 years and so has the church in many aspects,’ he said.  ‘We want people to know that they may have left the Catholic Church, but the Church is still here and cares about them.

Much as he wanted to belong to the U.S., Fr. Ambrose believes many crave the need to belong to a church community.

Reaching out to the community in an attempt to re-establish dialog with Catholics who no longer attend church has gotten positive feedback.

Fr. Ambrose noted that several families have accepted the invitation to ‘come home.’

‘Sometimes after Mass someone will come up to me and say, ‘Father, I am back!’ This is very encouraging,’ he said.”
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