Share the faith and the CCH website with evangelization cards!

Order a pack of evangelization cards today! Evangelization cards are designed for you to share with those you want to encourage to visit and benefit from the website and advertisements. The cards are designed to easily be carried along in your wallet, and also work great to hand out to church groups, friends, coworkers, and family. Cards are designed with a blank reverse side for any contact information of your own you might want to write when you are sharing the card with another.

A few months ago, Tom Peterson helped invite a flight attendant back to Church using one of the evangelizationEvangelization Cards cards… “Prior to landing,” Tom said, “I felt led to take out one of our evangelization cards. On the back of the card, I wrote, ‘The hope you are seeking can be found only in Jesus and His Church.’ I signed my name…and handed her the CCH evangelization card and note, asking her to read it when she got home. Thanks to God’s abundant grace,…our office received a wonderful letter from that flight attendant!  She went on to say that she desperately needed that Catholics Come Home card and hopeful note on the back…”

Help support the mission of Catholics Come Home and the work of evangelization with a pack of 50 evangelization cards from