Diocese of Savannah GA Preparing to Launch CatholicsComeHome.org This Advent!

The Diocese of Savannah, Georgia is preparing for the launch of their CatholicsComeHome.org partner initiative this Advent.  Fr. Douglas Clark, a priest of the Diocese of Savannah, shared his commitment to the initiative through a recent article in the Diocese’s newspaper the Southern Cross:


Southern Cross Online Edition

The Official Newspaper of the Diocese of Savannah

By Father Douglas K. Clark, STL

Very soon, during Advent 2010, the Catholic Diocese of Savannah, in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Atlanta, will sponsor a “media blitz” called “CatholicsComeHome.org” in Georgia. The centerpiece of this blitz will be the broadcasting of a series of television spots, in English and Spanish, inviting Catholics who have given up the regular practice of the faith to consider “coming home.”

Some dioceses that have sponsored “Catholics Come Home” have reported astonishing numbers of people showing up at Sunday Masses in the wake of the telecasts. One Western diocese estimates that an additional 90,000 people attended Mass in the weeks following the broadcasts. There is no doubt that the television spots are very attractive and appealing to “fallen away” Catholics and, indeed, to others who may be interested in our ancient tradition.

But the ultimate success or failure of “Catholics Come Home” will rest not on the television spots but on the reception that those who heed them will receive when they show up in our parishes. The Diocese of Savannah has already begun a series of workshops for “Ministers of First Impressions” (clergy, religious, parish staff members, ushers, greeters and so on), to help them prepare to offer a warm welcome to returning Catholics.
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Please join the Catholics Come Home® apostolate in praying for all of those away from the faith who will receive an invitation, via a commercial on their TV screen, to return “home” to Christ’s Catholic Church this Advent!