Local priests optimistic that Catholics still returning home

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Local priests optimistic that Catholics still returning home


Six months after the Rockford Diocese launched TV commercials inviting fallen-away Catholics to return to the church, the Rev. Tim Seigel is still getting calls from people who want to come back, a ripple effect that he believes started with the television advertising.

The commercials, which ran in December and January, were followed by programs led by laypeople and priests at each parish, inviting people interested in regaining their Catholic faith to meet once a week throughout the Lenten season.

Whatever evidence is considered – like an increase in Mass attendance throughout the diocese or anecdotal evidence, like the phone calls Seigel is still receiving – the diocese and local priests know that change is happening.

“There is something happening here and it’s a very exciting time,” said Seigel, pastor of St. Catherine of Genoa Church in Genoa.
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Visit CatholicsComeHome.org to learn ways you can help spread the word about this evangelization initiative through your parish!