More inspiration from Adrian: From Atheist to Catholic!

Earlier this week we e-mailed our CCH community a message sharing the conversion story of Adrian, a former atheist who became a Catholic after seeing a TV commercial.  Thank you for the many wonderful supportive responses we’ve received…we passed them along to Adrian, and he sent us the following gracious response:

“I saw the newsletter with my story, and I can not tell you how much that meant!  I share my story with many fellow Catholics and protestant folks whom I get to speak with face to face. I also roam the net sharing my story, and doing my best to defend the Church. I have been learning and reading more and more everyday into the faith, and with each day its growing stronger!

My little brother who is 17, had lost his way since 14, and 3 weeks ago he approached me to talk about the existence of God and the Catholic Church. We spoke for around an hour, and asked if could come with me and my wife to mass the following Sunday! He was baptized and confirmed Catholic already, and decided to make his first confession this Saturday.

He has really come along way, as I had too. I shared my experience with him, and explained my reasoning. As much as I tried to prove the faith was false previously, My faith instead grew, and grew. Thanks to your website which was Major part of myself returning to the Church! I have referred my brother to your website as well, and will talk with him about it this weekend.

Thank you to the Holy Spirit, and your website and effort I am home!  You have a hand here in Colorado!

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